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About me

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Lenka. I love to move and helping people move. I’m a movement/pilates practitioner (both studio equipment and mat) with special interest in and passion about women’s health and the health of our pelvis.

I found pilates and more integrated way of movement through triathlon, my sport hobby at the time, whilst working in an office and as a personal trainer and indoor cycling teacher. Amazed how alive my body felt I trained as a mat pilates teacher and I haven’t stopped learning and expanding my knowledge and skills since - Pregnancy and post-natal exercise and pilates specifics were soon to be put to a test on my own body:

Movement/pilates was my ally also during my three healthy pregnancies and births and continues to be through my ongoing motherhood journey. In between I qualified as a comprehensive pilates studio teacher as well as fascia focused movement specialist ( I enjoy working with women, providing them with tools so they can create for themselves the best possible experience through different stages of their lives - pregnancy, birth, motherhood and peri-menopause, menopause. I regularly teach specialized Pelvic Health workshops to assist women on their pelvic exploration journey - integrating the pelvic diaphragm into the web of the whole body and improving and maintaining pelvic health through breath and movement.
With strong sense that learning is never static, never finished (and miracles always remain miracles, we can’t know it all ;)), and that our bodies and selves are ever changing, I am committed to life-long learning - currently studying a Female Health Masterclass course with physio Michelle Lyons, exploring physiology and movements during important transitions and hormonal changes in women's lives: menstruation / pre and post pregnancy / and peri-menopause and menopause.

Through my movement journey and blend of inspiring teachers and approaches towards movement, I would describe my sessions as pilates inspired spiced with movement approaches that resonate. A bit like wild flowers grow as they feel, I like to move the way it resonates and suits the individual with drawing onto anatomy, fascial and other latest research, not sticking to a particular method.

Nothing in your body is separate from the rest. Everything influences everything else.
With this bigger picture in mind the aim and focus of my sessions is to enhance your body awareness - give you tools and time to feel, listen to and get to know your body and challenge it from where you are at, restore and maintain balance in your body through movement - through releasing, expanding, mobilizing, strengthening and integrating different areas of your body so you feel & move well.
I believe that our physical body reflects what is happening within our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and vice versa. My experience tells me that the benefits of nurturing our physical body through movement are transferred through our energy bodies, resulting in us feeling well also mentally and emotionally.
At WildFlower Pilates I aim to help you to FlowerWild anywhere you are on your journey.

My movement and pilates qualifications in a nutshell: Female Health Masterclass Course (menstruation, pre/post pregancy, menopause) with Michelle Lyons - in progress
Moving Fascia Diploma (MF1-MF6) with Evolve Movement Education
Moving Fascia Foundations with Evolve Movement Education
Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training with Evolve Movement Education (2017) Working with Ante-natal clients in the Pilates environment - with Polestar (2014)
Working with Post-natal clients in the Pilates environment - with Polestar (2014)
CYQ Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates (QCF) - with Fit 4 U Ltd (2013)
Level 3 award in adapting exercise for Ante and Post Natal Participants - with Lifetime (2012)
Level 3 certificate in Personal Training (Anatomy and physiology, nutrition for physical activity) - with Lifetime (2012)
+ other fitness related certificates including:
Group studio cycling / Circuit training / Shallow water exercise / Padwork-boxing / Fitness instructor

Flower Wild

Recognize and acknowledge our beauty, love our bodies and feel well in these precious vessels of ours.

Take a rest

Let's challenge ourselves - with awareness. Learn to listen to our bodies. Allow ourselves to rest and process.

Continue to turn up

to say YES to life, to breath, to movement. Like waves, breathe out - breathe in, rest - Flower Wild!
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My teaching times and places are weaved into and partially paced by my family life with three young children and our home educating journey based in Shoreham-by-Sea.
I am mostly only available evenings and weekends.
This is where you will find most of my classes, workshops as well as my private sessions:

(up to 10 people)
Pilates on mat has been derived from the original movements that Joseph Pilates developed using the springs / studio equipment, so that people could experience the benefit of the movements even without the use of the equipment.

Join me: 
TUESDAYs (term time) 6:30-7:30pm 
The Huntigton hall (Shoreham Free Church) 
Buckingham Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 6WF
    1 min walk from the train station    

Before you come to the class for the first time, please contact me to discuss briefly where you are on your journey  - your goals, expectations, needs and any possible aches, pains, injuries. 

We generally run a pre-paid block of classes of 4-7 weeks, term-time only (currently at £9 per 55 min class)        
(up to 4 people)
(reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, self-massage props etc.)
Studio equipment is the original way Joseph Pilates used to teach bed-bound patients - by attaching springs from their beds to the frames and surroundings of their beds he helped them heal their bodies through movement. 
He then developed the whole system of movement using this amazing method and versatile equipment. Both the equipment and pilates movement continues to flow and develop with the never finished and never static research into the miracles of the human body.   

Using the studio equipment, your body will be challenged or assisted by the varied spring tension, varied orientation to gravity, varied base of support and an endless variety of movement options.  

SATURDAY mornings:
To BOOK a session (small class of 3-4 people usually), please follow the booking systems of the following studios:

SeaScape Pilates in Worthing (next to Splashpoint)   

REFORMER CLASSES of up to 5 people:

 * POST-NATAL with or without your baby 

Come to KIN PILATES, Brighton and Hove's only reformer pilates studio specializing in pregnancy, post-partum and parenting, to experience tailored sessions designed to support you through your parenting journey and joys and challenges that it brings. 

You can expect a small reformer class of maximum 5 people ensuring you will receive personalized guidance in an intimate friendly setting. 
If you are coming to a post natal class you can bring your baby with you and a dedicated person will look after him or her whilst they play or watch you exercising. 

There are many classes throughout the week, please do check KIN Pilates timetable on their website

I teach at KIN pilates on: 

9:30am Pregnancy reformer class
10:30am Strong mums reformer class

7:45pm Postnatal reformer class

To book, please contact 
KIN pilates studio 
(Hove, off Portland Rd near Sainsbury's)


practical workshop for maintaining or restoring the health of your pelvis and pelvic floor/diaphragm

The health of our pelvic floor/diaphragm is so important for our overall well-being yet so rarely talked about. Let's get together, connect, discover, experience and learn: 

CONNECT with your pelvis, pelvic floor/diaphragm and pelvic organs and DISCOVER their relationships with other seemingly separate but in fact very inter-connected parts of our body and psyche.

EXPERIENCE this pivotal area of your body through embodied anatomy and practical explorations through movement, breath, felt sense and discussions.

LEARN simple and effective tools for the health of your pelvis and pelvic floor, pelvic organs (bladder, bowels, reproductive organs). Learn how synergy of your breath, movement and pelvic floor area including your lower abdominals can help you towards achieving flexible strength of your pelvic floor, healthy pressure management that in turn ensures healthy functions of your pelvic organs and keeps the area "fluidized".  

This awareness will bring new focus into your everyday life and enhance your movement practice, helping you to maintain or restore the health of your pelvic area with confidence.

SUITABLE FOR ALL WOMEN***: No matter your age, whether you are expecting a baby, have recently (or long time ago) given birth or whether you have no children, whether you feel healthy or are experiencing discomfort, pain or issues in and/or around your pelvis, back or abdominals you will benefit from this workshop.

NOTE: I'm a movement practitioner with interest in pelvic health. I'm not a pelvic health physio (I do recommend to everyone to book an appointment with a pelvic health physio, highly recommended comes Emma Bradley:
This workshop won't go deep into any specific condition or dysfunction, but will focus on general pelvic health through embodied anatomy, breath, pelvic floor, release and movement and will give you tools (summarized in a little booklet for you to take home) to continue the practice throughout your everyday life.

(***Due to potentially sensitive topics that might arise (and the many physical and physiological differences between men and women) I feel keeping these sessions women only (and men only with a male practitioner) creates more potential for sharing, healing and learning. This workshop is aimed at women, but I'm aware that men equally need and benefit from connecting with their pelvic floor/diaphragm. Men called to address this pivotal area of your bodies, please do contact me and I will put you through to a male practitioner. )


September 28th - Worthing: Seascape Pilates Studio, 12:00-2:30pm
October 12th - Worthing: The Pilates Company, 2-4:30pm
October 26th - Worthing: Seascape Pilates Studio, 12:00-2:30pm
November 9th - Shoreham: The Yoga and Wellness Rooms, 2-5pm
November 23rd - Worthing: Seascape Pilates Studio, 12:00-2:30pm

TO BOOK, please contact the respective pilates studios or myself (for Shoreham venue or any questions, please contact me directly):

* SEASCAPE Pilates Studio in Worthing
(next to Splashpoint)
£40 per each part or £75 part1&2
Capacity: 4 spaces max

(opposite West Worthing train station)
(scroll down to book)
Investment: £37
Capacity: 5 spaces max

(off the high street, Town Quay)
Investment: £38
Capacity: 8 spaces max

YOUR VENUE - please contact me if you prefer me to facilitate this workshop for your group of people at a venue of your choice

Please feel free to contact me to ask further questions. 


If you want to enjoy a personalized movement plan on the studio equipment and you don't own such equipment, please follow the        booking system of the following studios:

SATURDAY mornings
SeaScape Pilates in Worthing (next to Splashpoint)   

If you own any of the equipment you wish to move on (reformer, tower or trapeze table/cadillac, wunda chair or ladder barrel), wish to have a personalized plan/sessions and live within 30ish min driving distance from Shoreham-by-Sea please contact me to discuss your goals, availability, where you are based and any more details. We will then meet for a free consultation and plan further.
PRIVATE PILATES SESSIONS in your home (or online)
1-to-1, 2-to-1 in Shoreham-by-Sea and surrounding areas
If group mat classes (with up to 10 people - where I am able to modify according to individual needs, but can't follow an individual plan for each participant) don't appeal to you and you would prefer fully personalized plan, please contact me to discuss your goals, availability, where you are based and any more details. We will then meet for a free consultation and plan further. 

* mat or studio equipment (if you have at home) sessions
* restoring and maintaining general health or working on specific areas and goals
* pregnancy
* post-natal recovery
* pelvic health focus

I believe we are all individual beautiful souls. No matter how our patterns and experiences in life have been impacting on this one and only precious vessel we inhabit and call our body, in my personalized approach I aim to help you feel well in your body using movements that suit you and help restore the body's patterns back to balance.


ON-LINE pilates 1-to-1s and group sessions on ZOOM

 I'm also available to teach both 1to1s and group session on-line on zoom, should this be your preferred way of working. 
Please contact me to enquire about on-line classes.
Pelvic health - a practical guide (pdf document)

Thirty pages on practical tips related to the health of your pelvic floor, pelvic organs and your body and being.

Delivered as a pdf document, in colour, eye pleasing, easy to follow. 

Free when attending my pelvic health workshop.
Sliding scale donation according to your ability £5, £10, £15 or free if unable to pay ... as I believe the information there is valuable and I don't want the money to stay in the way of your health. 
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Lenka's is extremely knowledgable and experienced and brings a lightness to her facilitation which is warm and encouraging, and clear. I like the attention to detail and the explanation in terms of the benefits of the exercises which Lenka makes subtle adaptations to for all of us attending. A really enjoyable and supported class. 

(Anne C. - mat pilates classes)

Lenka is a fantastic teacher. She has explained so clearly the physiology behind how everything in the body influences everything else. Great range of exercises inicluding the importance of breathing. I really liked the balance of breath work, exercise and explanations of how the pelvic floor works within the body. 

(Marina J. - pelvic health workshop)  

I would definitely recommend Lenka's classes. Lenka is very knowledgeable and qualified teacher in her field of pilates. As well as being clear and precise, she is also very kind and gentle (a great mix). I would tell someone considering Lenka's pilates class to definitely go and try it out. 

(Christina E. - mat pilates classes)  

I have enjoyed my Pilates class with Lenka as she is a confident friendly teacher, with varied and well explained classes and I know that if I am not doing a position right, those scanning eyes will pick me out and she will be over to adjust my posture.

(Janine C. - mat pilates classes) 

Lenka works every part of the body and in a way that everyone can manage. There's good variety in the classes. Lenka has a lovely manner and is warm, helpful and friendly. 

(Chloe L. - mat pilates classes)

I would say pilates is vital in maintaining good health, posture and general well being. I believe that no other exercise can compete with pilates. I find it a very "safe" exercise to do. And I would recommend Lenka's classes as she is an excellent instructor. 

(Emily K. - mat pilates classes)

I think Lenka is fantastic teacher who does her best to make pilates effective and enjoyable. I really enjoy Lenka's classes. She is very helpful and kind. I certainly have benefited from pilates classes and will continue to do them in future. 

(Maria P. - mat pilates classes)

Lenka's classes are varied, flow well, are well structured and planned. Lenka always listens to feedback. There's something for everyone. 

(Jo P. - mat pilates classes)

Lenka is a great teacher and the classess are very effective. 

She caters for all levels. 

(Vicky H. - mat pilates classes)

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Resources / Recommendations


EXPERIENCE A HEALTHY MOVEMENT for everyday life or with a particular goal in mind


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Lenka Sobotkova,


07858 460199